Our approach

Building relationships and trust is key to our business. Our investments usually start with a friendly introduction or a cup of coffee!





We understand that people make businesses. The time we invest getting to know owners and managers is the most important part of our investment process.

This is an opportunity for us to learn about you and your business but more importantly, a chance for us both to build trust and develop a positive working relationship for the future.

We know that owners and managers of SMEs do not have time to spend waiting for investors to respond. We are a small team which means we can be flexible, act decisively and move quickly.

Our team has great experience of executing many different types of investments and transactions. This means we can quickly cut through complexity and structure terms to suit individual circumstances. As a small team we have to be efficient and avoid wasting time!

We strongly believe that writing a cheque is just the start of the journey. We understand that business plans evolve over time (particularly in fast growth SMEs) and that teams may need support at various stages. Whether providing board level advice, assistance with an acquisition or simply offering moral support(!) we expect to contribute to the success of our investments.

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