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Our approach

Building relationships and trust is key to our business. Our investments usually start with a friendly introduction or a cup of coffee!


We understand that people make businesses. The time we invest getting to know owners and managers is the most important part of our investment process.

This is an opportunity for us to learn about you and your business but more importantly, a chance for us both to build trust and develop a positive working relationship for the future.

We know that owners and managers of SMEs do not have time to spend waiting for investors to respond. We are a small team which means we can be flexible, act decisively and move quickly.

Our team has great experience of executing many different types of investments and transactions. This means we can quickly cut through complexity and structure terms to suit individual circumstances. As a small team we have to be efficient and avoid wasting time!

We strongly believe that writing a cheque is just the start of the journey. We understand that business plans evolve over time (particularly in fast growth SMEs) and that teams may need support at various stages. Whether providing board level advice, assistance with an acquisition or simply offering moral support(!) we expect to contribute to the success of our investments.

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Working with us: responsible investment policy

Causeway Capital Partners I LP invests in SMEs with strong growth potential. We have an entrepreneurial approach to portfolio management and seek to accelerate growth through direct equity investment and hands-on management support.

Our objectives are to deliver strong investor returns through supporting the creation of sustainable employment and trade.

We have therefore always considered ourselves to be a responsible investor. ESG issues impact the communities where Causeway and our portfolio companies operate. As a fund manager, Causeway Capital recognises this and is committed to assessing and managing material ESG risks in its decision making, both in relation to pre-investment diligence and portfolio management. For example:

  • Environment – material & packaging usage, water usage & treatment, energy efficiency, waste management and recycling

  • Social – labour standards in the supply chain, diversity, health and safety, and staff training & development

  • Governance – business conduct, board composition, board committees and anti-bribery and corruption

Where we are invested in a company, there is a real opportunity, and a responsibility, to make a positive difference. This policy is to formalise our long-term commitment and approach to responsible investing to ensure ESG issues are actively managed as a clear priority at Causeway Capital, and to encourage board level engagement and ownership for these issues within our portfolio companies.

We do not expect that all of our portfolio companies will necessarily meet all of the minimum standards immediately following our investment. However, we do expect the executive management team to be fully committed to meeting the minimum standards within a reasonable timeframe and Causeway will support them to do so.

Our policy is, to the best of our ability, to:

  • Comply with all relevant regulations, at Causeway and at our portfolio companies, in the countries in which we operate

  • Manage and minimise our own direct ESG impacts

  • Integrate ESG considerations into all stages of the deal cycle –in relation to pre-investment diligence and portfolio management, and also at exit

  • Encourage portfolio companies to consider and address all ESG issues relevant to their business, with the aim of delivering continuous improvement

  • Track and report progress of ESG initiatives at portfolio companies

Principles for Responsible Investment

Causeway are a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and incorporate environmental, social and governance principles into our pre-investment diligence, portfolio management and ownership practices.